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Teddy Bo Colouring Tutorial from Debbie P

When I first saw Debbie's colouring it was with a free Mother's Day graphic that we were giving away.....she immediately made it into a card and sent it for me to see.  I couldn't believe how fabulous her colouring was and when I invited her to join our little gang it was obvious that the other girls felt the same way.  So with July's cards currently all being made from the Design Team I thought I'd ask her if she could do a little tutorial of how she colours the bears and she very kindly agreed......but first let me show you some of Debbie's cards.

Aren't they fantastic.  Well.....if you want to colour just like Debbie then keep reading!

Debbie uses Copics but you could easily use any markers and you just choose the colour combination.  We recommend a light colour for your base and then work through your mid shade into your darker shade.

Starting with your light base completely fill in the bear.  You don't need any specific colouring style for this layer just swirl it on (or whatever your application of choice is!)

On the second pass over with this colour you want to create more of a mottled be a bit patchier with this layer.  You want to create depth without it standing out too much.

It is probably best to do any clothing or secondary colouring in this layer as once you starting the fur 'flicking' with the next colour your probably won't want to go back in to do the clothes.